Dive into a healthier you with Liquid Light Ionic Minerals

A dietary supplement consisting of IONIC preparation for each of our individual, mineral elements suspended in water.

Healthy Diet

Liquid Light minerals fill the missing essential minerals largely absent in todays diet.

Healthy Mind

Liquid Light minerals help the function of glands in the brain to release much needed chemicals that create a feeling of well being.

Healthy Family

Liquid Light is safe for all members of the family to take.

Healthy Water

From our family to yours, our products are free of chemicals, preservatives, and additives.

Our Mission Statement

To provide to the best of our knowledge and ability, products that improve the health, quality, and life of our clients.

Why Use Mineral Supplements?

In a perfect world, the soil would not be stripped of its nutrients from overuse of chemical fertilizers. Nutrients within our food would not be stripped from over-processing and overheating. In a perfect world, we would all have organic gardens in our backyard to get a nice head of lettuce or a ripe tomato for our salads. In reality, fast-paced lifestyles, overpriced healthy food in the supermarkets, the convenience of “fast food” is leaving our bodies “starving” for the much-needed minerals and the “the building blocks of life”.

What Makes Liquid Light Different?

Our proprietary process of creating an “oscillating ground” during the ionizing process ensures a stable wave form of the electrons that keeps the structure of the atom “atomically correct” . If an atom is not correctly grounded, the structure may decay (oxidation) which results in an atomic structure that the cells will not recognize and not fully absorb.

Want to carry Liquid Light in your store?

If you are a clinic or health food store, please enquire about wholesale pricing. Email us today!