About Liquid Light Ionic Minerals

Liquid light is a family run business that takes great pride in educating the public about our product. We want to be sure that the mineral you are taking is the right one for you. We also take great strides in quality and safety. We go beyond the guidelines of government agencies to provide the cleanest and safest product possible. Our minerals are done in small batches to keep consistency within all our products. Your satisfaction, education and safety is always our main concern.


An IONIC mineral is a single atom structure of the element, where a colloidal structure contains ionic and non ionic forms of the mineral, therefore a colloidal is much like a cluster of the mineral/element which may be too large to absorb into the cells.

Not only do we need to take minerals to make up for deficiencies in our diet, but we can also use them as natural medicine. Our Indium, gold, platinum, and silver are very effective in FEEDING the glands in our body to rejuvenate and enhance their function. Our studies show the use of INDIUM can help the pituitary gland to function higher, thus feed the thyroid it’s necessary hormone to activate all 8 thyroid hormones. In Germany, PLATINUM is being used in the treatment of cancers, silver is widely used as an anti-bacterial, (just look at what is written on your box of bandages) and GOLD is very helpful with cell to cell communication.

Liquid Light Ionic Mineral Elements are easy to take, 1 teaspoon, up to 1 tablespoon per day with or without food, any time of the day. They are safe for children, and will not interfere with medications. Refridgeration is not required.